W152 Mk II - VFM 13 K - Sold to Sparreholms Slott Museum in Sweden - Photo Gallery
Graham Hallett 23/10/01

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Click here to view the picture gallery of the new W152 V12

Click here to view movies of the delivery of VFM13K to Sparreholms Slot Museum in Sweden, and the first firing-up of the new W152 V12

On the left VFM13K excerpt from several circuits of Goodwood on an EasyTrack day, average 75mph.

    On the right VFM 13K takes part in the Circuit de Laon with lots of other interesting cars.



VFM 13 K also featured in the TV programme Pulling Power, in which Roger Cook reviewed and road-tested the Ronart W152. Click here to view that movie clip.