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Music Guide for Wedding Couples

Graham Hallett was for many years organist of St Mary's, Putney.

The following guide is intended to help wedding couples make their choice of music for their ceremony.

iPhone or text message: 07771 508614

Home Tel: 01737 832686

email: graham@hallettfamily.org.uk

You can contact the church admin office, or me, by phone or email, at least 6 weeks in advance allowing yourselves enough lead-time to print Service Sheets.

Before the arrival of the bride I usually play for 15 minutes; unless you have any particular requests I select fairly well-known, pleasant and light pieces, including those in the section "Signing the Registers"

  • You need to consider -

Click on one of these areas to go to the relevant list/samples pages.

          • Music prior to service

          • Music for the entry of the bride
          • Hymns
          • Music during the Signing of the Registers
          • Music for departure from the church
          • Solo singing during your service or at the Reception