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Hymns suitable for wedding ceremonies

Digital audio music clips

Graham Hallett was for many years organist of St Mary's, Putney.
The following guide is intended to help wedding couples make their choice of music for their ceremony.
Apologies that these are imperfect performances; the 88 excerpts were dashed-off; recordedonto MiniDisc over two evening sessions.
Each digital audio clip has its own controller. The draw-bar in each controller indicates progress of the streaming.

The following is a short list of some of the better-known hymns from which the two or three required for the Wedding Service could be chosen; this list is by no means comprehensive and you may have other hymns in mind which would also be suitable.

Consider the size of the congregation, and their robustness of singing in the choice and number of hymns.

If you don't pause the one you're playing and start another, you will get quite a chaotic experience. Unfortunately these clips will not play on iPhone or iPad; you will need a desktop with sound.

Praise my soul the King of Heaven
Love divine all loves excelling
Lead us Heavenly Father lead us
The King of Love my shepherd is
O perfect love
Father hear the prayer we offer
Dear Lord and Father of mankind
Praise to the Lord the Almighty the King of creation
O praise ye the Lord
And did those feet in ancient time (Jerusalem)
All things bright and beautiful


All things bright and beautiful


Praise the Lord ye heavens adore him
At the name of Jesus
Gracious Spirit Holy Ghost
Who would true valour see
Guide me O thou great redeemer
O Jesus I have promised
Fill thou my life O Lord my God
Let all the world in every corner sing
Now thank we all our God
Lord of all hopefulness
Morning has broken

Tell out my soul

Father Lord of all creation

The Lord's my shepherd

All Through the Night

Amazing Grace