Ronart Cars Limited

Company History

Design and Manufacture

of High Performance Sports Cars

The Ronart Company was founded in 1984 by its present Managing Director, Arthur Wolstenholme, specifically to recreate a thrilling experience for the driver in feel, sight and sound of the magnificent racing machines of the 1950's era.  The W152 was the first product, conceived in 1981 and designed in 1984. The first prototype car was completed in 1986, with production starting a year later. 

The Original Ronart

The designer with the W152 prototype in 1986

Ronart has gained a high reputation for its products both in UK and abroad. Whilst most cars are for the UK market we have LHD cars in South America, USA, Japan, Germany &  France.

The company has always been involved with high power/high performance cars and in March 1999 work commenced (behind closed doors) on a brand-new high performance sports car.

Earls Court Motor Show 1999 Lightning at Motor Show 1999

The Lightning concept car was unveiled at the 1999 London Motor Show with great success and advance orders for the new sports car flowing in. The Launch of the Lightning sports car at this year's 2000 Motor Show will show changes to the concept car prior to production starting early in 2001.

Carbon Fibre Composite Curing Oven

Investment in new carbon-fibre technology followed, and forms a key part of future products and the development programme. The photograph shows the composite curing oven.

This new product is the start of a new era for Ronart, embracing new design and new technology as a foundation of a new generation of sports cars for the future.

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