Beneath the body, the W152 utilises modern technology and engineering. The name JAGUAR is known world-wide for its sporting heritage and unparalleled refinement, especially for ride quality and engine performance. The Jaguar-powered Ronart W152 cars rely on the Jaguar range of engines and mechanics.

W152 Cutaway - courtesy of Ian Toulson

The Ronart W152 is available again in kit form, and the factory now builds the Vanwall. For more information go to the website.


The demanding task of the initial chassis design and fabrication was entrusted to SPYDER ENGINEERING, a company highly acclaimed for its association with LOTUS CARS and racing activities for well over a quarter of a century.    The Ronart manufactured chassis is regarded as the best of its kind on the market today. The chassis is built and MIG welded on an extensive jig. After the chassis has been welded and inspected it is primed with a special etching primer which bonds firmly to the bare metal surface. A powder coating is applied and the chassis is baked in a large oven to give a hard and durable finish. This top quality well designed chassis greatly enhances the W152's performance.

The chassis is of paramount importance if excellent roadholding and performance are to be achieved.

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