Conceived in 1981, following a visit to the Daimler-Benz museum in Stuttgart, Germany, the RONART W152 went into full production in 1986. Since then continued development has resulted in what the motoring press and owners of the W152 consider the closest interpretation of a typical racing car of the 1940's and 50's.


Cars that featured mostly in the design of the W152 were the Mercedes W154/196, the Maserati 250F and the HWM Jaguars of the time. Additional influences of Lotus, Vanwall, Aston Martin etc. can be seen.

Straight 6 Jaguar Engine

The RONART W152 is a British, hand built, high performance, two seater sports / racing car suitable for road and track use. It has a uniquely individual style reminiscent of Formula One cars of the post war period. It reproduces the classic style of the front engined Grand Prix cars, and combines today's performance with reliability, safety and advanced composite materials.

V12 Jaguar Engine

Large high performance engines have been a feature of the W152.

The RONART W152 is a classic in its own right today, and is a perfect throwback to the sight and sound of the magnificent racing machines of a long gone era.

W152 Mark II

The world's motoring press and those who have seen the W152 agree that it is one of the few cars in production today which truly represents the CLASSIC BRITISH SPORTSCAR. Its blend of high power, wonderful handling and phenomenal performance make the W152 a rare sight on today's roads.

Alloy Dash

Since production began in 1984, the W152 has remained in a class of its own - the quality of construction and high degree of factory backup services have provided our customers with the correct choice. More than just a car to any of our owners, the W152 is a treasured possession which provides both beauty and excitement in their lives.

Click here to view a movie of Roger Cook's review of the Ronart W152 on the TV programme "Pulling Power".

What the Press say...

"The Ronart W152 has classic good looks and performance to match. On the road the W152 is an impressive machine. Although it's big, it handles beautifully and can be driven quickly when required." - - Car Mechanics (July 1991)

"The thunderous Ronart, a vast Jaguar-powered beast inspired by Formula 1 cars of the 1950's. This is another well conceived and executed design, it handles just as you would expect." -Which Car (August 1991)

"A unique race inspired road car which stands out from the crowd. Acceleration can only be described as breathtaking-a certain lion had better watch out. The ride is comfortable, and yet you sense how taught and ready for action it is" - Top Car (August 1991)

"It looks like a 50's grand prix car and it goes like one. Jaguar muscle under the bonnet and a capacity to thrill that makes the Caterham Seven look tame" - Autocar and Motor (22nd May 1991)

"The beautifully built Ronart traps its drivers in another world for far less than superior prices. Perhaps what's most remarkable about the Ronart, though, is the quality of its design and construction. It is a professionally executed car that's strong and reliable." - Autocar & Motor (29th May 1991)

"A modern day classic. Pictures don't do the Ronart justice. The W152 is a full-sized performance car for full-sized people. It goes like a bat out of hell."  - Autosport (30th May 1991)

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