This stylish, thoroughbred sports car, is for the discerning driver who loves the romance of motoring yet wants a car firmly set in the future.

A design that portrays individuality and excitement which stirs a desire in all of us.

Only by sitting in the cockpit and driving can the blend of elegant design, hand built craftsmanship and modern technology be truly appreciated.

You sit in comfort within the hand-sewn leather as you gaze in awe down the elegant lines of the bonnet in front of you.

Push the start button on the dash to feel the roar of the mighty 4.6 litre V8 engine as the adrenalin starts to rush within you.

Into first and away.

The engine sings as the revs get higher as the acceleration presses you back in the seats.

Flick of gears onto second and third, sixty miles an hour comes up with ease.

The steering is delightful as the Lightning turns into the hairpin bends with nimble precision.

Right then left without fuss or worry. You feel you are part of the car.

Surely this is motoring at its best.

The sound of that engine is music to the ears.

Wherever you go or leave the car its sheer presence will leave people in awe at the sight of a true thoroughbred sportscar.

The relationship between driver and car is one which is quite unique.

One that is not available with the mass produced cars of today.

That special blend of unique design, sheer presence on the road, elegance of lines, coupled with performance and drivability gives the discerning driver that experience rarely found.


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