Previous cars designed by Ronart have featured high power engines from a mere 3.8 litres straight six to a powerful 6.0 litre V12 giving some 600 bhp. Our heritage and history are in design and manufacturing high performance cars for over seventeen years and the Lightning has a tubular spaceframe backbone chassis similar in type.

We believe an excellent chassis is of paramount importance where suspension tuning and handling performance is concerned and in the Lightning we have designed a very strong, torsionally stiff chassis to cope with the demands of high power engines and tough roads. The use of CDS tubes (cold drawn seamless) with excellent triangulation allow the chassis to control suspension and engine forces.

With the chassis looking after the mechanical side, the bodywork and roll cage take the job of protecting the driver and passenger. A major factor in the design of the Lightning was the CDS steel integral roll over bars featured above both the driver’s and passenger’s heads and together with the side impact protection and the front roll over bars, afford excellent protection.


The superlative 4.6 litre V8 Mustang Cobra engine is the very latest specification quad cam, 32 valve engine and has one of the most advanced electronic injection systems to give stunning performance together with excellent fuel economy. Emission specification is amongst the highest and is to the high California standards.

The SVT Mustang Cobra's potent 4.6-litre, DOHC tumble-port V8 engine produces 320 horsepower at 6,000 rpm and 317 foot-pounds of torque at 4,750 rpm.

The block is cast aluminium alloy, carrying a fully counterweighted, forged-steel crankshaft. Aluminium upper main, upper thrust and rod bearings add to the engine's durability. Six high-tensile steel bolts secure each main bearing cap, in an arrangement that spreads loads over a large area of the block.

The aluminium alloy pistons have shallow skirts and a special friction-reducing coating on their sliding surfaces, which improves both durability and the engine's free-revving characteristics. The pistons are designed to give the engine a compression ratio of 9.85:1.

The engine's intake system consists of a specially designed conical air filter, an 80mm mass-air flow sensor, and twin 57mm throttle body bores with butterfly valves that open simultaneously, providing exceptional throttle response by quickly yet progressively moving air into the cast-aluminum manifold.

In the upper manifold, eight tuned runners feed down to the intake ports and eight pairs of 37mm intake valves. The design of the runners and intake ports impart a tumbling motion to the fuel-air charge as it enters the combustion chamber, which increases the mixture's volatility and makes it more powerful.

A distributorless, coil-on-plug ignition system fires each cylinder. The system is precise, uncomplicated, and gives a high-energy spark for efficient burn characteristics.

Each SVT Cobra engine is hand-assembled at the Romeo (Mich.) Engine Plant. Two-person teams assemble the engines on a separate, dedicated line, and their final task is fastening a signature plate, inscribed with their names, onto the right cam cover.


Ronart have been developing the Lightning to feature the latest state-of-the-art Carbon Fibre technology. This Carbon fibre composite bodywork gives a very strong and lightweight body to complement the spaceframe chassis.

SPRINT - SP Resin Infusion Technology - an unique new composite material and processing technology for the Ronart Lightning was launched at the Motor Show.

Click here to download a PDF of the Lightning application brochure (610k). Sprint materials consist of a layer of dry fibre reinforcement either side of a pre-cast, pre-catalysed resin film:

Carbon fibre construction

Carbon fibre composites have been employed industries where their use is necessary to be competitive whilst being safety-conscious.

Carbon fibre construction

None more illustrated than in Formula 1 racing cars where ultra-light-weight and strength are key components in the design.

Using this SPRINT, state-of-the-art, expensive and high-technology material in the Lightning means that the car is lightweight and very strong. The carbon fibre composite has very great advantages over the other body material used in other cars, in that it will not rust or deteriorate like steel, GRP or aluminium and has greater strength and rigidity.

The connoisseur's choice of material.

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